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Blending sound pedagogical principles with multiple authentic narratives and examples to showcase the transformational power of technology and inspire the Tech Chef in us all.


Blending research-based content with years of practice to create innovative custom sessions that whet your appetite for learning, deepen your knowledge, and never leave you short on resources.


Blending collaborative techniques with visible thinking to provide personalized dynamic hands-on workshops that deepen your understanding and continue to feed your app-etite long after the day ends.


TechChef4u’s purposeful and compelling recipes and resources serve to ignite passion and amplify wonder and whimsy in order to draw open the internet curtain and reveal the Tech Chef in us all!

  • “All teachers will find insight, ideas, and inspiration in this book. Lisa Johnson provides an enthusiastic, thoughtful approach to needed skills in the digital age. She highlights the value of different approaches and tools and shows us how to best use them. The provided Communication Catchers are a real bonus!”

    Julie Wilcott, Educator, Kennebec Valley Community College Fairfield, Maine
  • “The world would be a better place if everyone who sends and receives email reads Lisa Johnson’s email etiquette in Chapter 1. Furthermore, Lisa follows her own advice in Cultivating Communication—much of the information in this book is presented in bulleted lists and visuals!”

    Tony Vincent, Teaching and Technology Specialist, Council Bluffs, IA
  • “This book has an unbelievable amount of tips, ideas, and great advice for communicating in the 21st century. It’s not only helpful for teaching students to be better communicators, but adults as well! Some of these tips are so exciting and thoughtful, I want a tip-a-day calendar version of this book! “

    Jennie Magiera, Chief Technology Officer, Des Plaines School District 62, Des Plaines IL
  • “In this book, Lisa Johnson provides memorable anecdotes mixed with actionable steps. It is full of engaging imagery, clever templates, and thoughtful quotations, which are sure to leave a lasting impression on today’s teachers who are meeting students where they are and leading them where they want to be.”

    Reshan Richards, Adjunct Assistant Professor Teachers College, Columbia University New York, NY
  • “In my opinion, Lisa Johnson’s book is a must-have publication for both learning about the skills needed by students, as well as utilizing all the great examples and ideas in each chapter in the classroom.”

    Kathy Schrock, Educational Technologist, Adjunct Instructor, Wilkes University, PA
  • “This book asks the right questions and helps students to really use technology to enhance their learning.Teachers from all over the world get practical examples on how to work on core skills. After reading this you will be able to give your students a voice to clearly communicate their stories.”

    Kurt Klynen, Content Coach, ICT Atelier Belgium
  • “This is my new favorite professional read! The TechChef has cooked up a delicious meal I will want to enjoy again and again. There are so many great ideas for supporting digital communication, digital citizenship, and digital footprint in the classroom. The ready-to-go activities and templates make it easy for teachers to start implementing tomorrow! I want this book for all of the teachers I support! “

    Terra Graves, Program Specialist, 21st Century Learning, Washoe County School District, Reno, NV