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Podcasts 4 Science

Our Web 2.0 Part 2 Moodle course provided some wonderful discussion on useful Science podcasts. Why reinvent the wheel? Here are some of the resources (with descriptions) that were provided from teachers enrolled in the course. Use these as mini lessons, reviews, independent study pieces, or to clear up common misconceptions.

  1. Absolutely Wild Visuals (Animal Olympians): Showcases some of the library’s most compelling wildlife footage. These mini documentaries highlight wildlife hunting for food and show how their survival depends on their physical prowess. I thought this would be a great resource for the students during our animal unit in science.
  2. Whale Trackers: Is a series of documentary programs that journey across the world’s oceans to explore the lives of whales, dolphins, and porpoises. It explores their range of species and diverse habitats and examines the threats the animals face. My students are currently working on an “All-About” Books Project and one group is writing about whales. I thought this would be an excellent resource for them to use and could also be used during our animal unit.
  3. Science in the Real World: Though I am not a science teacher, I would love to share this podcast with the science teacher on my team. It breaks down specific topics in science. My team generally builds our integrated projects around a science lesson. As a team, we could use these podcasts for integrated projects if there is a topic that coincides with what students are learning.
  4. Creepy Creatures of Texas: Students will find this podcast very interesting to see so many bats escaping. Instructionally, they will see characteristics and habits of animals
  5. Sid the Science Guy: Is a show form PBS that focuses on science concepts for Kindergarten age children. My students will enjoy it very much and it will help reinforce our science concepts in a fun motivating way. (Also Check out Volume 2).
  6. DragonflyTV: Students can listen to these podcasts about real-life SCIENCE experiments by kids! I love that this is produced by PBS Kids. There are TONS to choose from – I can’t wait to utilize this in my classroom. How could you not use this instructionally?! My kids would love to watch these science experiments – either to supplement our own science experiments with, or to lengthen and add to our existing experiments. This is an AWESOME resource for me!
  7. Kids’ Science Challenge: This will benefit my students. They have cool experiments and different things about science. These experiments are easy to reproduce and get the kids involved. This can be worked into the classroom as a Science center for the kids to get involved.

Also check out The Science Show for Kids, Douchy’s Biology, EcoGeeks, Meagher’s classes: Chemistry & Physics, Physics: 50 Examples, and Physics in Action.

  1. PE Talk: This podcast gives an array of discussion topics concerning Physical Education class. Both teachers and students can gain knowlege through podcasts such as “Skill progression”. Teachers can gain ideas on how to teach certain skills just as students can practice their skills at home in a one on one situation. Different assignments can be created for students to either physcially or with pen and paper identify warm up activities, skills, movements, etc.
  2. Essential Fitness with Wess Murray: Wess Murray is a personal trainer/wellness coach. His ideas on weight loss, nutrition, training, and performance can supplement the content that is taught in the classroom. Teachers can use his motivational approach as a “different voice” than the one students always hear. Sometimes this “different voice” in what students need to jump starts students towards a physically fit life.

Some of these podcasts can be subscribed to which will feed into iTunes, others can be saved as an audio or movie file and imported into iTunes, and some are even bundled as an app. Please post others you find in the comments section along with a description and/or how they can be used.

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