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Podcasts 4 Technology/PD/Education

Our Web 2.0 Part 2 Moodle course provided some wonderful discussion on useful technology and professional development podcasts. Why reinvent the wheel? Here are some of the resources (with descriptions) that were provided from teachers enrolled in the course. Use these as mini lessons, reviews, independent study pieces, or to clear up common misconceptions.

  • Ted Talks: This is a Must!!! (Video, Audio, A Taste of TedTalks)
  • Getting Tech into Edis a podcast about using more technology in education. It would be helpful for students by giving teachers more information about technology and exactly how to use it in their classrooms. I would use this for staff development to show teachers available technology and exactly they can use it, or how to spice up an assignment by using technology in a different way. (Also check out Ed Tech Weekly)
  • K12 Databases: is a group of  videos that talk about the advantages of using databases and where they are available. These are beneficial in getting students to understand a database’s value. I would use the videos to show students how much more reliable databases are compared to the open internet and how, by using them, they are creating a skill useful for lifetime.
  • The Stuff of Genius: I like these feeds because it allows the children to hear the unlikely or unthought of (at the time) and tracks the invention/buisness/idea into its being/invention.  It is interesting and motivational.  I think this can be used for motivation and creative thinking practices.
  • Today’s Middle Level Educator: This podcast will help keep me up to date on some of the current topics that frequently come up regarding middle school. Some different topics that are of interest are school uniforms, formative assessment, advisory, single sex classrooms and much more.  Keeping up with ideas/thoughts from others will help make my classroom and school a better place. (Also check out Middle School Matters)
  • CNN Student News: This would help my students keep up with current events.  It is a 10 minute (commercial free news) designed for middle/high school students.  It would be great to help students be more connected with what is going on in the World.  Instructionally, it could be used to start discussions, to projects, think of ways to help others etc.
  • NPR Driveway Moments: is part of the section of NPR called All Things Considered. This can be used as a critical thinking piece while still using listening skills. This will perhaps be used as a whole group activity where notetaking can take place before an actual discussion of the points presented. I’m excited. (Also check out Hearing Voices)
  • This Week In Education: would be a podcast for me. It shows how education was in the news. You can see a video of the news to find out details and what is the latest in education.
  • Teaching with the SMARTboard – I would use this to get ideas for smartboard lessons. My students love using technology, and I try to incorporate notebook lessons whenever possible.  This is a great source for new ideas! (Also check out Teachers Connecting)
  • The Teacher’s Podcast: I plan to view this podcast for my own professional development in technology!
  • TeenBiz: this is a podcast with a collection of small business ideas (podcast directory) that have teenagers in mind.  Most ideas require no or little start up money but can make $20-$30 an hour for the young hardworking entrepreneur.  For a student’s annual ARD meeting I often ask them to research careers and fields that they would be interested in working in in order to form their tranisition goal for their IEP.  This podcast is another great resource for students to get ideas on how to support themselves or supplement income.
  • iPad in business: this explains how major corporations are incorporating ipads in business.  We have recently recieved ipads in the classroom, by using information from this podcast it can give students ideas for their class work. (Also check out Execs Talk iPads & iPad How To’s)
  • Teachers 2.0: This podcast discusses technology and gives tips on how to integrate this into the curriculum. I will use this by adding technology where and when I can to my lessons. (Also check out Teachers 2.0)
  • Technology that Works: this will be beneficial for me by keeping by integrating technology and Marzano’s strategies. I will be able to integrate this into all aspects of my curriculum by stretching my students understanding with technology.
  • Teaching with the SMARTboard: There are so many uses for SmartBoard. Students love using it in class and it helps keep them engaged and on task. Because it is quite a complex piece of technology, continuing education on its use and features that work well for my lessons is essential if it to be maximized. Taking part in video podcasts to train me in new uses for SmartBoard is a critical component of my professional development. I am using this in Google reader.

Podcasting 101 for K-12 Librarians: this is not a podcast but provides some excellent information on podcasting & some great references. Also check out using iTunes as a Digital Portfolio.

Some of these podcasts can be subscribed to which will feed into iTunes, others can be saved as an audio or movie file and imported into iTunes, and some are even bundled as an app. Please post others you find in the comments section along with a description and/or how they can be used.

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