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Take a Chomp out of Your Learning Goals

Challenged and inspired with the task of designating my own professional learning goals, I retreated to my iPad kitchen to reflect upon which appy ingredients I had in my pantry. What would be the best app to share these goals? After running into ScreenChomp in TCEA’s Twitter feed last night, I was eager as ever to take a bite out of the new app. Indeed, it did not disappoint my appalicious taste buds.

  • Intuitive & Cost-effective: The app is free and user friendly.
  • Flexible backgrounds: Users can either use an image from their camera roll (which opens up the many possibilities as most apps will save their products as images: cartoon strips, mindmaps, notes, etc…) or create their recording using a blank whiteboard as a background.
  • Built-in Image Editing: The app also allows you to move, zoom, and rotate images from the camera roll so portrait and landscape orientation do not become an issue.
  • Chomp into Color: Once you have chosen your background, simply press record and you can annotate while you talk with the three provided markers or customize the color of each.
  • Sharing: Once your recording is complete, you can share it in multiple ways (e.g. email the link, copy the link, or tweet it).
  • Downloading & Publishing: When you access the link, you will then be given the option to download the video as an mp4 (which could be added to any iDevice or uploaded to YouTube as I have down with mine).

What a fantastic tool for student discussions/presentations, problem-solving/mathcasts (ala Khan Academy), highlighting apps, or conducting professional development (similar to Atomic Learning mini tutorials). Can’t wait to incorporate this into an appy hour! Consider the many ways you would use this app in your classroom or with your students.

As the focus of this post was learning goals, let’s close on that note. Setting goals for personal or professional learning is the only true way to be an agent of change in your classroom and with your students. As I ponder what tools I will need and what trainings I will seek out to meet my own needs, I propose the same task to teachers on my campuses so I am able to tailor the resources I cook up to better serve their palette for technology learning.


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