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iPad App Shootouts and iPad App Playgrounds

In the process of cleaning out my cluttered inbox and adding Web 2.0 tools to my new pageTech Bucket List“, I came across these two iPad resources. Thought I would share:

  1. iPad App Shootout

    Rock Your World: iPad App Shootout: a webinar created to “address the desire of iPad users in CMS and BEYOND (global) to discuss the apps they see useful and beneficial to the education of students.” It airs every 4th week of the month. This idea aligns with their iPad Chat Vision: “To be a PLN of iPad users that are connected in CMS with the two focuses on administrative and instructional use. To have a dialogue with CMS iPad users in an open and safe environment.”

    They also provide additional resources and PLN opportunities:

    1. Twitter hashtags: #CMSiPadChat
    2. Yammer Group
    3. Opportunities to share apps instructionally to meet objectives


  2. St. Clair County iPad Apps Playground: St. Clair has created a Google Site with a Google Form for teachers to submit their favorite educational apps which creates a resulting iPad Apps Playground spreadsheet. Some of the submission qualifiers on the iPad Google Form that I really found useful were:
    1. “Does the app require wifi or network access in order to work?”
    2. “Does the app rely on access to cameras not found on the first generation iPad?”
    3. iPad Only options (iPad Only, Compatible, Unsure)
    4. Range of Cost Drop-Down

iPad Apps Playground


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