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iGoal Set: A Time Capsule for the Future Me

Writing a series of goal-setting inspired blogs got me to thinking of a very personal list of “goals for my life” that I composed close to 17 years ago. While I may have adhered to one of the golden rules of goal-setting…”set goals in writing”, I clearly failed to set time-bound goals with a specific action plan for achieving them. That being said, I have to admit, that my 15 year-old self didn’t do too shabby a job at setting a course to navigate my life for the past 17 years…as seen in the following achieved goals below:

Goals from my 15-year-old self created with Simplemind+ app


Some might see only reaching 20 of the original 139 goals listed as failure…especially as I directly negated #63 on the list “reach all my goals”. Others, might find interest in the ideas that the core values of education, career, and relationships remained true all these years. I will admit that goals #4-7 were medical school, fellowship, residency, and open up own practice in neo-natology or pediatrics were not in the cards for my future. Thankfully, my 19 year-old self took a different path after a C in Chemistry 301 and charted a new course that has led me here

Back to 1995 Courtesy of & the contents of a Mead Journal


While my hopes of being a foreign exchange student (#24), going on an archaeological dig in ocean or on land (#32), getting a pilot’s license (#71), becoming a designer (#59), meeting aliens… of the extraterrestrial variety (#76), learning karate (#126), typing with correct form at any speed (#34), holding political office (#83), creating a new restaurant or department store (#99), and publishing my own series of romance novels under an alias (#88) may seem somewhat comical or past their due date…

Some goals seem to persevere through time: get published (#51) and be an entrepreneur (#52)

Some goals never change


And others have been given a new lease on life through the possibilities that existing technologies offer:

  1. learn how to play a musical instrument (#82): there is definitely an app for that
  2. create a new product (#100): Quirky & Prizes.Org 
  3. be an interior decorator (#80): various software, reality shows, apps, & Pinterest
  4. try virtual reality (#68): perhaps augmented reality will do


My message for 2012 is never give up on your self, your goals, your students, or their goals.

What might have seemed impossible almost two decades ago is now a reality with current and emerging technology, mobile devices, and the power of social networking and global connections. Perhaps, time travel: build a time machine (#85) and go to the moon and other planets (#106) may not be so unrealistic in a decade or two. 

Please give the gift of goal-setting to yourself, your children, and your students this year!

  1. Tools for Goal-Setting for Adults 
  2. Tools for Goal-Setting for Children & Students


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