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Making Mathematics App-tastic: Episode 13

This is a supplement to “Appy Hours 4 You” Blog Talk Radio Show: Episode 13 – “Making Mathematics App-tastic. In this episode we featured 11 free mathematics game-like apps that focused on currency/money and fractions for both elementary and secondary. For each app we shared a brief description and then multiple ways the app could be used in the classroom (e.g. stations, assessment, remediation).

This week we discussed the following free apps:

  1. Apples in Hour Hands
  2. Bills & Coins
  3. Coins
  4. Counting Money
  5. Sticker Shop
  6. Lil Kitten Shopping Cart
  7. Freddy Fraction
  8. Fraction Factory
  9. Pizza Fractions
  10. Pizza Time! Make More Pizza
  11. Portion Platter


Came across this Symbaloo of math apps for primary on Pinterest and thought I would share:

Math Apps for Primary


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