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Appy Hours 4 U

Suffering from insomnia one evening, I decided to google “appy hours”. I came across our show, my blog, Eanes ISD’s appy hours, and this review of the show. The review was written last fall (our first show was aired on August 25th, 2011).

"Appy Hours 4 U" Review by The Constructivist Toolkit


As I have had a few questions about the format and intent of our show since then, I thought it might be nice to share the vision and mechanics behind the show:

  1. Who hosts the show? Blog Talk Radio hosts non prime-time 15 and 30 minute episodes for FREE!
  2. Why is the show aired live? We chose the live format to save time (as Yolanda Barker and myself are both perfectionists and we worried it might take multiple takes and many hours to have the 30 minute show meet our high standards).
  3. What are the mechanics behind the show? About ten-fifteen minutes before we go live, we call in to the host telephone number from a landline telephone. Originally, in the first few episodes, we used a cell phone and the sound quality was not as good. We found after a few episodes that using a land line speaker phone presented a much clearer option.
  4. Why do a radio show for teachers? Over the summer, I was asked to be a guest on another BTR show “Social Geek Radio“. After that, I got the bug to create my own show. The topic for the show was birthed out of the need for “PD in your PJ’s” or “PD for Commuters”. The show can either be listened to in conjunction with exploring the featured apps (always listed in the BTR or iTunes description of each episode) or simply listened to for integration ideas and insights based on FREE apps. The intent was to provide a resource that met the needs of many learners that don’t attend after school workshops or have time to read blogs or lengthy emails.


Check out our Spring 2012 Schedule with a new intro and voice-over provided by Matt Barker Tunes and our new appy icon (in honor of recent release of “Hot Apps 4 HOTS” to iBooks!)


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