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Kicking it up an iNotch: The Water Cycle Explained

Many times I am asked (especially by Science teachers) if there is an app for a specific concept or topic. While there are multiple free instructionally sound resources for Math and English Language Arts, many times I struggle with finding appropriate (and free) apps for Science. When there is not an app or the app for the topic is more consumption-based than product-based in nature, consider using your arsenal of iTools to cook up one of your own.

I came across the Water Cycle app a few weeks back. It is a drag-and-drop labeling animated app which is a nice tool but fairly low on the Bloom’s Level. It works fine for an intro but doesn’t really allow students to truly apply their knowledge of the water cycle.

Science 2.8C: Explore the processes in the water cycle, including evaporation, condensation and precipitation, as connected to weather conditions.

The Water Cycle App

That’s why I was so thrilled when Ms. Carnazzo (2nd grade teacher) sent me her Water Cycle iLesson. Rather than letting an app teach the students the water cycle, Carnazzo’s class kicked up their iLearning a notch by creating their own screencasts to illustrate their knowledge of the water cycle using the app ScreenChomp. Students also used the app(s) Songify and Talkapella to make water cycle songs.

Carnazzo's Class Teaches the Water Cycle using ScreenChomp


Students worked in small groups of 4-6 to create their screencasts and scripted and practiced their lines prior to recording. Ms. Carnazzo located the images using MorgueFile and had them accessible for students to bring into the ScreenChomp app. (Check out all of Carnazzo’s iLessons).

See “Hot Apps 4 HOTS” for more app integration ideas to support Bloom’s Taxonomy!

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