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The Power of Google

Yes, I typically am an Apple fan girl, but last night (while watching an episode of New Girl), the new Google commercial made me smile and dare I say shed a happy tear. Part of the my emotion was due to the sentimental nature of the video and the other to the power, versatility, and ever-evolving nature of Google tools.

That being said, I thought I would share my new favorite Google tool.. which is actually a script… Flubaroo. I was first introduced to the tool in a session with Wesley Molyneaux at Mobile 2012. As I am still in the process of assimilating all of my new iLearning from Mobile 2012, yesterday was the first time I had to explore the script and the possibilities of grading Google forms.

Since Google forms can be accessed and completed via mobile devices or computers, the tool is a versatile and powerful assessment piece. Wanting to test out my other new tool, Snapguide…I decided to create a Snapguide step-by-step tutorial to walk users through setting up the Flubaroo script. If videos are your learning style, (see the Flubaroo YouTube video tutorial).

How to Grade a Google Form


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