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Digital Cheating

With the number of mobile devices entering the classroom growing (whether it be in 1:1’s or BYOD’s), the topic of digital cheating and academic dishonesty is bound to arise at some point.

Digital Cheating

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The infographic below highlights multiple sectors of cheating from kindergarten to high school and college to the working world in 4 sections:

  • Section 1: Who’s a Likely Cheater?
  • Section 2: Tech-Equipped Students Have a Big Advantage
  • Section 3: A Lifetime of Cheating
  • Section 4: How to Put a Stop to Cheating


While mobile devices are a relatively new venue for cheating, banning them in the classroom would abolish a wealth of learning app-ortunities (pardon the pun). Students were cheating in clever ways far before the influx of mobile devices in the classroom… Case in point:

The bigger question is how to prevent cheating. While the infographic suggests honor codes and anti-cheating technology, I propose a few additional strategies to prevent cheating:


Please share your tips for managing or combatting digital cheating, academic dishonesty, or plagiarism in your classroom.


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