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Creation Based Apps as Performance Assessments

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Guest Blog by: Sarah Emerling (@iLessonLady)

I love creation based apps. I love them even more when my students can use two different creation based apps in conjunction with each other and create outstanding performance assessments. This happened with our lessons on number patterns.

Hundred Chart via Sarah Emerling


Fourth grade Common Core standards require students to create and analyze number patterns in a variety of different formats. Unfortunately, there are only so many ways a teacher can present number patterns before students start to become bored. A teacher’s job is to figure out how to keep the students engaged in what can potentially be a snooze lesson.

We used the Ken-a-vision Flexcam and the Educam app to work on number patterns using a hundred chart.  These tools have quickly become favorites in our classroom. The Flexcam is a document camera that is super easy to use. The great thing about it is that it sends images to the Educam app – where students can annotate, take notes, and manipulate the image on the iPads. Save the image to the camera roll, and then it’s an easy email or upload away from the teacher’s desk. Paperless assessments that the students are completely engaged in?  Yes, please!



This week, I sent students different images of patterns begun on hundred charts. Students had to determine if the patterns were increasing or decreasing and then continue the pattern. Students used the pen tool to finish drawing in the pattern. This in itself was a great performance assessment. After discussing how it is easy to analyze the patterns when they are shown in a hundred chart, students then had to use a screencasting app to create analytical videos describing their work. We gave the app Doceri a try and are in love!


Students uploaded their images from Educam to the Doceri app. From there they created videos where they had to tell how they figured out what the pattern was and analyze and illustrate how they could tell, just by looking at the hundred chart, if their patterns were correct. This allowed me not just to assess whether or not students could extend a pattern, but also whether or not they could explain themselves. Talk about a higher level of thinking!

Using just one of these apps alone would have engaged my students. But being able to easily use the two apps together really made this iLesson successful. The pride my students have exhibited as they’ve shown off their videos, of both right and wrong patterns, is a testament to the worth of creation based apps.

If you enjoyed Sarah’s first guest post, please visit her blog for more app-tastic iResources and visit the blog for future guest posts from her.



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