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Designing Interactivity

By now I am sure you all know I am a bit of an apple fan girl. I have to say that the devices play very well with each other. In preparation for two poster sessions at FETC next week, I began working on a resource that people could take away that would be visual and informative… and perhaps even interactive.

I began creating the resource using the Designs for Pages app on my iPad to create the image below and then emailed the file as a Pages document in order to make some final edits (screenshots tend to be easier) on my Mac. Then it was a matter of saving the doc as an image and uploading it to Thinglink where the interactivity begins… If you look closely, you can even get a sneak peek at the resources for the “iVocabulary” workshop which will be offered at TCEA 2013 in two weeks.


FETC… here I come!


2 Poster Sessions

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iPadpalooza 2013  Registration LIVE!!!

HCMS 2013 Site Visits Now Available!

Ted X Youth Austin 3/30/2012!


If you would like an app-ortunity to connect with me, Laura Wright (the teacher behind the “Life of an Eanes Pioneer Child”” iBook, or Jon Samuelson (aka @iPadSammy), they will be co-presenting two poster sessions with me at FETC.

Stay tuned for the release of my first iTunes U professional development course “Student-Created Books in the iClassroom”.

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