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Managing Student Behavior in the iClassroom

We all know you can’t completely restrict students from gaming on 1:1 devices. As one student clearly stated during the student panel portion of our site visit:

“The way I see it is if you give me an iPad and tell me not to play games on it, its like having a monkey and not giving it a banana… I think it just depends on the person and the choices that they want to make…if their actually wanting to get a good education.”

Another student went on to say…

“I do have games on my iPad because if I am at home and bored, games are fun. But I keep them on a separate page and I keep them in their own folder. If I am working on something, then it is not right there. I just know if I have something that I need to do, then I have to do that first, then I can play games later.”

While some students choose to self regulate their distractions, we thought it prudent to still outline off-task behavior and notify students of the consequences. An easy first step in a 1:1 is to have students take a screenshot of their off-task behavior and email it to their parents and or an administrator. If this communication does not resolve the issue, taking away the iPad for the remainder of the class period (and having students complete their assignment in a traditional manner) is also an option.

Modeling Off-Task Student Behavior using Motivational Poster app


Teacher Panel Insight: During our teacher panel at our HCMS 1:1 site visit (more dates in 2013 available), 2 1:1 teachers (Tanna Fiske, and Cathy Yenca) and 1 shared cart model teacher (Larry Embrey) shared their valuable feedback on the following topics: how the iPad has changed their classroom, how they handle distractions in their class, and what advice they would give a teacher starting out using the iPad in the classroom. They also answered questions from visitors in the audience as well. Check out the archived version of the live-streamed teacher panel below.

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