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Students are Stars with iBooks Author

This morning I had the pleasure of being a VIP guest at the “The Life of an Eanes Pioneer Child” iBook release party for Laura Wright’s 3rd grade class. Though the iBook was published a little less than a week ago (full blog review and details here), students and parents waited to download the digital delight until they reviewed it as a class today.

The iBook Release Party: Wright's Red Carpet


The attendees (students and parents) grabbed their popcorn and waited at the roped off gate to be seated for the event. Some students even dressed the part in suits and ties and glamorous sunglasses.

The iBook Release Party: The "Big Screen"


It was a truly special and memorable way to commemorate and celebrate the student-created publication. To archive the event and share it, I took a few photos and assembled them using the free ScrapPad Movie Night app.

The iBook Release Party: The "the Viewing iParty"


While we are showcasing students as publishers and authors, I thought I would share the “Lend a Hand” video which was the brain child of two of our Eanes elementary 5th grade students (now 6th grade Hill Country MS students). The motto was adopted by the campus and has since then become the inspiration for a school-wide character incentive focusing on five traits (e.g. integrity, acceptance, responsibility, respect, and safety).

One student became inspired by the school initiative and devoted page 43 of the iBook to the “Lend A Hand” way.

Lending A Hand - Pioneer Style

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If you would like an app-ortunity to meet the teacher behind the iBook, she will be co-presenting two poster sessions with me (and @iPadSammy) at FETC. Feel free to drop by 😉

Stay tuned for the release of my first iTunes U professional development course “Student-Created Books in the iClassroom”. In the meantime, visit my Listly list entitled Student-Created iBooks & eBooks.

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