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iTunes U: PD Please ;)

I have been enamored with iTunes U for some time. When the app-ortunity presented itself to publish my own course, I jumped on it. As Yolanda and I had reunited to present at TCEA 2013, the “student-created books” workshop we had proposed last year for the event fit perfectly as an iTunes U course. At the time we wanted to showcase apps that created books on the iPad rather than simply iBooks Author, as not all classrooms and teachers had access to a Mac. Thus, we reunited to collaborate and create “Student Created Books in the iClassroom”.

iTunes U: Student Created Books on the iPad

The PD iTunes U course includes an app matrix (seen above) of 15 popular book creation apps and video tutorials and student-created examples for each. But wait… that’s not all!

iTunes U: Student Created Books on the iPad

Built in to the course is a teacher task, iLesson templates, pre-planning and additional iResources. One of those iResources is a compilation of apps that support the pre-writing process.


iWriting Inspiration

View more lists from Lisa Johnson
Download this course and enjoy PD on the Go! Check out what educators are saying about the course! If you like the course, please take a moment and add your own review.

Great example of professional development! by Debbie Smith

This is amazing! What I usually have issues with in iTunes U courses is following the author’s organizational system and trying to make sense of it. Yours is so well organized that I had no trouble with it whatsoever. I think we should use this model for the elementary ed summer PD classes that we are going to develop this sememster.

Very Informative and User Friendly Course by Loves2fish2

This iTunes U course was my first and it was awesome! It’s very organized and easy to follow. The number of resources provided are mind blowing! At the end of this course, I was able to create an iBook with ease…and now I plan to take this new knowledge into my classroom and watch my 2nd graders have fun while they turn their writings into creative iBooks to share with their families! If you’re looking for meaningful and useful professional development to do on your own time, at your own pace, I highly recommend this course!

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“Student-Created Books in the iClassroom” iTunes U course is now available!!!


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