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iVocabulary: TCEA 2013

Reunited…for a workshop at TCEA, Yolanda Barker and I will be presenting “iVocabulary” at TCEA 2013.

iVocabulary Workshop Description:  Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking are integral to developing language. This session will utilize the four skills to focus on multiple ways to develop vocabulary utilizing mobile devices in the iClassroom. The tour of resources will include specific content-based glossary apps and apps that allow you to create your own flashcards and personal glossaries (e.g. Quizlet) and apptivities that extend the vocabulary (e.g. creating a Frayer model in Popplet Lite or a vocabulary sorting activity in iCardSort). Vocabulary development will increase with use of video creation utilizing apps like Mad Lips and Puppet Pals. Writing and Reading will be supported with annotation apps (e.g. Notability, PaperPort Notes) and book creation apps (e.g. Scribble Press, Albums FX Lite). The session will culminate with “surprisingly educational” apps that support the four skills (e.g. StoryLines for Schools and TypeDrawing for Free).

Thinglink Framework: Yolanda’s graphically inclined hubby created a Scrabble board to house all of the links for the course. 8 lists of apps, a Prezi of samples, and much more is hidden in the image below.

A Prezi of iVocab products was created to showcase products and samples for each of the 8 app categories.

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Stay tuned for the release of my first iTunes U professional development course “Student-Created Books in the iClassroom”. In the meantime, visit my Listly list entitled Student-Created iBooks & eBooks.


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