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Field Trip to Rocksauce Apps

A tweet emerged from SXSWEdu that reminded me of a certain teacher I know. The tweet was “rather than focusing on the tools; we should empower students to use the tools to have a voice”  and the teacher was Tanna Fiske.

Fiske’s amazingly #awesomesauce class not only engages in project-based student-led learning of historical content and thoughtful redesign of their classroom to enhance learning and collaboration. They also have a thirst for lifelong learning and a voice in mobile technology.


Fiske supported these ideals by assembling a group of students to take part in a technology club that meets once a week before school. To provide students with a more well-rounded idea of app development, career possibilities, and how their voice can impact current technology, Fiske scheduled a field trip to allow students to have first hand experience with that realm… and let me tag along 😉

Rocksauce Field Trip Recap using Visualize Free app!

Students prepared a list of questions for the Rocksauce Studios app development team before we arrived and got to meet with each department of the company to ask their questions and get a hands-on taste for how each section contributed to the end product. Before we left the building, Fiske directed students to reflect on what they had learned and share.


Three of their biggest take-aways were:
  1. There are many ways to contribute: business, social, code, design
  2. There are lots of different stages to the app-making process
  3. There is a well organized system of each individual doing their job to contribute to the whole

I am sure this will be the first of many field trips and learning endeavors. Next stop – redesigning the learning space to be mobile friendly.

Interested in perusing some of Rocksauce’s app clients and their app portfolio? One of my favorites is TickTalk – the talker’s metronome.

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