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iPad Summit Nuggets

A few days ago I had the opportunity (correction… app-ortunity) to attend and present at “iPad Summit” in Atlanta. As I am reflecting on my whirlwind week this Monday am, I thought I would recap and share some of the lessons and digital nuggets discovered there. I compiled all of the nuggets and links into a Listly list and focused on the following topics:

Finally got to meet Reshan Richards (inventor of Explain Everything app) Always be Prepared for the Unexpected

    1. Always be Prepared for the Unexpected
    2. Collaboration is Key
    3. Go Paperless with a Dropbox of Images
    4. Thread Content and Online Collaboration
    5. Showcase Student Work
    6. There’s An App for That!
    7. Why Students Create Learning Portfolios
    8. Connecting and Building your PLN


[listly id=”4Hw” theme=”light” layout=”full” numbered=”yes” image=”yes” items=”all”]

Please feel free to share your best links and ideas from iPad Summit on the Listly list below.

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