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Pinterest in the iClassroom

Recently I happed upon a cleverly created integration of Bloom’s Taxonomy and Pinterest from the folks at Teachbytes. And as if fated, the same week, I had a conversation with a fabulous theater arts and film teacher, Sarah Yurko, who had shared how she is using Pinterest with her secondary students. Fascinated by the boards and ideas she shared, I asked her to detail her thoughts so I could celebrate these app-tastic ideas with the greater global iClassroom.


25 Ways To Use Pinterest With Bloom’s Taxonomy from teachbytes


She mentioned she was fairly new to Pinterest, but she could see “lots of possibilities for art and performance art with it.” Sarah went on to say that she “plan(s) to use Pinterest to gather examples for lessons, collaborate with students, directly teach students, and inspire them!” and has further detailed  these plans below:


“If I’m teaching the kids about publicity and promotional posters for theater I can use my Pinterest board as examples. It is on their iPads so they can go through and pick and choose easily which images are helpful as opposed to wasting everyone’s time with a slideshow that may not help them.”

“I love how easy it is to save YouTube videos on Pinterest. When we talk about trailers, I teach them that film makers typically release three … one for women, one for men, and one for teenagers. With Pinterest I can show all three quickly and easily without having to search for them.”


“I also collaborate as a class using Pinterest. It’s so easy and doesn’t take up any class time.  The kids can send me items or pictures and I can pin to a board. We used Pinterest to help inspire hair and makeup ideas for A Midsummer Nights Dream. This kind of informal information gathering also seems to really engage the kids… I was able to gather more “inspiration ideas” than ever before.”


“There are always a million projects happening at once in Tech design and none of them have the same instruction. So in the past I’ve had to only speak to three or four kids at a time – roughly teaching, at minimum, eight different lessons one at a time, leaving a lot of room for boredom while kids wait their turn. Pinterest has some projects that are literally spelled out step by step so I could direct each group to their “pin” and they could teach each other and only need me for more specific instruction.”


“The whole reason Pinterest began was to inspire people. I love that each of my boards dedicates itself to a certain aspect of theater. If a student is really into costuming they can follow that board and hopefully it inspires them to create, design, and build costumes. The same can be said for props, sets, lights, and publicity.”

Below, I have included a link to Sarah Yurko’s app-tastically divine boards.

Mrs. Yurko's boards for Theater and Design

If you are using Pinterest with your students, I would love to hear all about. Please share your ideas and boards in the comments.


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