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The 360 iClassroom

It has been quite a year rolling out iPads to K-12. Today we handed out the last iPad to the last student. We are officially K-12 1:1 iPad! Yes, it was somewhat tempting (as it is April Fool’s Day) and would have been slightly amusing to tell the last student that we miscalculated and we had run out of iPads. However, we were fully stocked and prepared. Many of the teachers were so excited that the 6th grade students finally were mobily equipped that they have already began planning lessons that incorporate the iPad to enhance their instruction.

I will say it would not be effective or successful if it weren’t for the 360 model of supporting all angles of the initiative… from district and admin decisions to student and teacher training and even parent meetings ranging from disseminating information to providing tips and tricks to manage the devices at home.

A few earlier posts touched on these resources:

The video below highlights yet another resource provided for parents. The Digital Parent Learning Series. The third installment in the series focuses on “Internet Safety and Cyber-bullying” but also covered some wonderful digital wellness tips ranging from child-friendly browsers and filters, a discussion on why apps like snapchat may not be as safe as they claim, to suggesting opportunities for reverse mentoring with technology.

The speaker for the night, Reggie Cajayon (Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Prevention Coordinator for Texas State University), had everyone app-solutely captivated. While only had about 50 parents in attendance, twice as many absorbed the night’s info meeting from home as the event was live-streamed and then archived for later accessibility.

Though an initiative of this caliber will always encounter bumps and dips along the way as we trail blaze the iFrontier, I feel fairly confident that the resources that the district continually provides to support all angles of the implementation will definitely clear a path for student success. And truly… isn’t that what we are all here for?

One of our wonderful iVengers, Marianna Husain was kind enough to compile a Listly list of some of the resources shared from the night’s presentation:



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