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7 Peripherals and Accessories I Love!

A recent text from my hubby prompted the following post. As you may or may not know, I am a bit of a gadget fanatic. I love tinkering with the latest and greatest and then providing feedback to vendors, as well as options to teachers for the best tools for their classroom.

I picked up the Versacase at a recent conference. While I loved the idea of it, I am more mobile with my iPad as I travel between classrooms and campuses and I prefer not to have my iPad “naked”. As my husband has more of a desk job and he opts for a slimmer case over my Trident Kraken, I asked him to take the stand with him and give me some feedback on what he thought as he does many of his presentations from his iPad and works between his iPad and PC at work.

He sent me the following pic via text a few weeks ago and shared that he really loved the features and flexibility of the devices and had received many compliments on it. This prompted me to consider sharing a few more of my beloved gadgets and accessories.

Versacase for iPad


Below is a Listly of 7 of my favorite accessories and gadgets. While the USB car charger may sound obvious, I have to tell you, it has been such a lifesaver. As I am always looking for the next best gadget that I simply must have or need… I would love to hear from you. Please add your favorite iPad related gadgets to the Listly as well.


If you are interested in the mother load of accessories, peripherals, and assistive technology, you app-solutely have to visit Lauren S. Enders’ Pinterest board which can be described as nothing short of mind-blowing!

Lauren S. Enders' Pinterest board


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