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A Troll led me to iPhoneography…

Roadside America screenshot

Roadside America screenshot

A troll led me to the perfect photo… okay well not exactly… but it is a whimsical offbeat way to start a blog entry. This week we went on an interstate excursion with my two boys to visit some family members in Kansas. I remarked to my husband that at their age they would likely not recall the trip nor the relatives but more the random moments and quirky roadside stops along the way.

When I was their age and my family made the excursion in our Astro van to Pennsylvania from Texas, I remembered little more than a playground, a rest stop with an armadillo, and viewing the splendor of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon for the first time.

With this rattling in the back of my mind, we downloaded the Roadside America app which showcases multiple weird and quirky destinations as you travel. One that caught my eye was a troll buried underneath a sidewalk. No, I do not have an unnatural affinity for Lord of the Rings or HBO’s Game of Thrones. Rather… it reminded me of the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff that my son enjoyed reading this year. So, we stopped in Wichita to locate the troll.


After much searching and a few detours, we eventually located the troll. As most of these sights are, many times they look better on paper (or in the app) than in person. To jazz up the photo so any one (that wasn’t me) could actually figure out what it was peering out from below the grates, I used the HDR FX Pro app.


This little gem was one of the many iPhoneography apps shared during a “Making Great Photos and Videos with iOS Devices” session at the Apple Distinguished Educator’s institute a few weeks ago. Ironically enough, I had actually downloaded the app a while ago and it had gotten lost in the abyss beyond the 11th screen. I was able to invigorate this photo and hopefully showcase this bizarre treat with a little fantasy flair.



On our way to unearth the aforementioned troll, we happed upon a beautiful bridge. With a few edits, I was able to turn a family snapshot taken on my iPhone into what I feel is a radiant keepsake.


Before and After HDR FX Pro filter compiled with PicWall app

Before and After HDR FX Pro filter compiled with PicWall app

As we speed rapidly towards the first day of school, let us not forget the dog days of summer and the treasured seasons that we share with our children and families. These moments are precious and fleeting and we want to preserve them in a manner that does justice to their sublime beauty.

Henri Cartier-Bresson created with InstaQuote app

Henri Cartier-Bresson created with InstaQuote app


We all know the best phone is the one that you have with you… If you are a tech addict like myself, your iPhone is never far from your reach. Truly the device is is a one-stop-shop as you can capture images, edit, polish, and share them all in a matter of minutes.


Below is the list of iPhoneography apps that I curated from the session.


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