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Plug and Play

Tony Vincent and the Arizona K-12 Center have truly outdone themselves with this year’s Plug and Play event. Not only is the destination (Tucson, Arizona) beautiful and the resort quite lovely, the layout of the week is superb. Campers choose one strand to focus on for the week…which allows attendees to really delve into the content and leave with meaningful learning experiences and artifacts. Tony did a great job using video and audio narration to put together a little video summary of the available strands. After seeing everyone else’s vignettes, I think I may have summarized “Mobilize the K-2 Classroom” a bit better and swooshed my cape a little more dramatically, but all in all the video is a clever way to give an overview of the week’s festivities.

After Tammy Worcester’s keynote, we got to know our campers with a Haiku Deck app-tivity. Each of the campers created a Haiku Deck as an autobiographical intro. It was suggested that these resources could be embedded on teacher websites or shared at parent nights for the upcoming school year. Before campers left for the afternoon, all of the Haiku Decks were collected in an Edmodo group.

Plug and Play Day 1

(And if you are wondering what iPad cases @iPadsammy and I are sporting in the pic above – I have had many questions on the matter … mine is the Griffin Seesaw and Jon’s is the Gumdrop.)

But wait… there’s more… for those of you Haiku Deck junkies, there is a Pinterest board of over 200 EDU examples!

Education Case Studies: Haiku Deck

Bummed you missed out on Plug and Play this summer? Never fret! Arizona’s K-12 center  is offering Mobile Learning Experience 2013 in September AND early bird registration ends Friday, July 12th! Visit the Mobile 2013 site for additional conference details.

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