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Fostering the 3 F’s of Formative (Frequent, Fruitful, and Functional) Assessment

Eanes ISD has developed a two day Professional Learning Conference for their staff. During a session on the “Art of Questioning”, Pam Harris (@pwharris) discussed the difference between social and logical knowledge and provided some very useful examples. Her tips and anecdotes really set the stage for my session on formative assessment as her strategies could be applied to the tools that I would be sharing in the afternoon.

How did I ever know what my students were thinking before these fundamental digital delights? This session will showcase three tools that can be accessed on any mobile device to provide instant and formative and fetching and fascinating details about your student’s current understanding. Please bring a mobile device (e.g. iPad or Laptop) and an old exam you would like to freshen up. We will fire up our session with Infuse Learning and Nearpod and flash out new features in Google Forms. This session is meant to forge ahead through 3 tools and whet your appetite for integrating formative assessment in your classroom in the upcoming year.

Using Nearpod as a vehicle, I delivered a session on formative assessment to secondary teachers using three of my favorite tools: Nearpod, Google Forms, and Infuse Learning. Multiple participants wanted to review the materials after the presentation, so I decided to enable the “homework” version of the presentation… and share it with the greater education blogosphere too… that’s y’all… just so you know 😉

Formative Assessment Nearpod Presentation

Formative Assessment Nearpod Presentation

While you don’t have access to the pedagogy and tips I shared during the session, hopefully the resources inspire you to conduct more formative assessment with your students and provide a few interesting ideas. Please continue to share and share alike… for truly FORmative assessment ultimately benefits our students!

Nearpod Homework

Nearpod Homework

The PIN for the presentation is “HPKVY” and you will need to enter Nearpod as a student (rather than a teacher).

TechChef4u wants to hear from YOU: Please share how you using technology as a vehicle for ongoing formative assessment with your students in the comments or with – would love to share your anecdotes and feature examples in an upcoming post.


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