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I Declare an… iPad Oath

So… we have reflected, oriented, and even fostered formative assessment. Think this might be a good time to solemnly declare… an oath. These previous posts (linked above**) have laid the ground work to prepare for a transformative year with mobile devices.

Last year the middle school felt a need to create an iPad Oath that addressed specific classroom behaviors and legislated appropriate use beyond the existing R.U.G. (Responsible Use Guidelines). After reviewing multiple middle school AUP’s and iPad forms online and our own existing elementary iPad Oath, I decided to concoct one of my own using similar ingredients. (The back of the form includes a space for both parent and student signature.)

MS iPad Oath

MS iPad Oath by Lisa Johnson

Now truly there are two schools of thought on the discipline rationale.

  • All Tools Are Created Equal: One feels the device should be treated no differently than any other classroom tool. If they were doodling on a piece of paper or passing notes when they should have been taking notes, this off task behavior should be addressed no differently than surfing the net or texting during a lecture. Similarly, the reprimand for cheating using an iPad would be no different than cheating without a device.
  • Transparency is KING!: The other school of thought feels that we need to be a little more transparent with students about what our expectations for instructional use and app-ropriate behavior are and provide a clear set of consequences if these guidelines are not met. For those of you that would app-reciate a delineated discipline format, I have included one below. 😉
Off Task Intervention Created with Comic Life

Off Task Intervention Created with Comic Life

While these will truly be living documents and ultimately change and evolve over the next year and beyond as these devices are readily integrated and accepted in to the edmosphere, I thought they might be worth a gander.

** Note: I have added Georgetown’s Teacher iPad Proficiency Checklist and other iPad resources to the iPad Orientation Thinglink.

TechChef4u would LOVE to hear from you! What school of thought do you adhere to? What documents and guidelines has your district set in place to ensure app-propriate use?

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