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iReflect Before iTrek

As we rapidly app-roach the new school year, I was reminded of an older post, “iReflect”, which shared reflections on our first year of 1:1 iPads using a Haiku Deck. Before we embark on another year of our iJourney, it is worth at least a moment of deliberation. One of my favorite Thinglinkers (and fellow iVenger), Marianna Husain, also held an iReflect luncheon before the school year ended and documented all of the feedback using a chalkboard and Thinglink.

While it is very easy to plunge in to the organized chaos of the first few weeks of school without a second cursory glance, the musings and anecdotes of wisdom of 90 days past could and should be instrumental into shaping the culture of learning and professional development that lies ahead. By the same token, a gander at the campus and district vision is worthwhile in assessing the direction devices should be utilized and integrated to ultimately impact and improve student learning.

One of my favorite quotes from this iReflect luncheon was:

“In my 21 yrs teaching, no tool has promoted differentiation better!”

I would definitely agree about the transformational power and potential of the device to capture and showcase individual learning. But truly the device is only a tool and we have to develop purposeful interaction with the tool while cultivating a shared vision for it.

“Cultivate a shared vision for the tool.”

As every year new teachers enter the district, it is vital to let them in on the shared vision. And of course catch them up to speed on the basics. And what better way to do that then with a Thinglink… 😉

At some point, I think I may hit a limit for number of blog posts that feature Thinglink… BUT I simply can’t help myself.

Lori Roberts, Educational Technology Specialist, shared a beautiful Thinglink to support teachers with iPad Basics.

And the Winthrop Australia Education Team created a lovely Haiku Deck of iOS Language so those of you who are new to the device are able to speak a common icon language 😉

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

I have added all of these tools to my Teacher iPad Orientation Toolkit that I posted last week. Whether you are embarking on a year 1,2, or 3 of a 1:1 or BYOD or deploying carts and individual devices, I hope these resources reach and support you.


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