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Teacher iPad Orientation Toolkit: 6 Tools Every Teacher Should Master

Recently I co-facilitated an iPad 101 workshop for secondary teachers with fellow iVenger colleagues (@mryenca, @classroom_tech, and @fiskeclass). As we are a K-12 1:1 school district, this course was not a “just the basics” course but truly designed to meet the individual needs of each of the learners. After introductions, we asked each attendee what they wanted to learn. While we didn’t plan it, naturally… many of the proposed topics fell into the usual categories: workflow, organization, assessment, etc…

iPad Workshop

… Over the past few weeks, multiple posts and articles have popped up with some stellar resources to prepare teachers of mobile learning with the supplies they need to be successful in the 2013-2014 school year.

A few of my favorites (which are also linked within the Thinglink below) are:

  1. A Practical Guide for Teachers Who Just Got iPads
  2. 9 Starter Tips for Teachers Who Just Got iPads
  3. 15 Things Every Teacher Should Be Able to Do with their iPad (the jailbreaking one is questionable but the other 14 are worth a gander)
  4. 10 Tips for Managing an iPad Classroom
  5. iPad Integration: Phase 1 (which mentions the iTunes U course “Exploring the iPad in Classroom Instruction”)

So in the interest of providing a resource to support those of you embracing a 1:1 or embarking on your own mobile journey, I smashed two of my favorite web tools ( and thinglink) to assemble a list of 6 apps (but really types of tools) that every teacher in a mobile classroom should master… and a few professional development ideas for each.

Without further ado… I will bid you adieu and unveil the Teacher iPad Orientation Toolkit.

Hover over the image for hidden gems and goodies. 😉


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