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App Integration Snapshots

Marianna Husain (@mhusain), fellow iVenger and author of the Bobcat blog, had the idea to create easy to follow handouts for teachers on a weekly basis to support them with the multitude of apps available on the elementary devices (see full list of 150+ apps here). As there are 6 elementaries and 9-10 ed techs creating these resources on a rotating basis, I suggested a template to streamline the process and make them appear more uniform.

In reviewing the apps listed, I felt that they fell into 3 natural categories: tools, activities, and products:

While creating a template for each of the three categories, I decided to also complete each template for an app that fell in that category. Truly, my heart lies in curriculum and creating curricular and professional development resources for educators because I had a blast putting these together.

So without further ado…  3 App Integration Snapshots.

App Integration Snapshots

App Integration Snapshots (Download the 9 Page PDF)

More of these App Integration Snapshots (in all 3 of the categories) will be spotlighted on each of my fellow Eanes Ed Tech’s Blogs in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned…

And please remember the reason that we share online. At the risk of sounding cheesy, this graphic by Mia MacMeekin explains why it so important to share and share alike with our peers and the global educational blogosphere.

The Power of An Idea Shared by Mia MacMeekin

The Power of An Idea Shared by Mia MacMeekin

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