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iVocabulary: The Power of an Idea Shared

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Truly, I do not spend my day drinking iced lattes and googling myself… Today, one of Instructional Partners emailed me about some of the vocabulary resources I had shared utilizing iPads. Rather than log in to my Thinglink on iVocabulary, I googled “iVocabulary” and found….Melanie Burford’s Thinglink on iVocabulary. I am humbled and blessed by her kind words and flattery (as seen in image above).

“This idea came from one of my Technology Specialist IDOLS, Lisa Johnson, from Eanes ISD in Austin.” – Melanie Burford

While both of our Thinglinks are game boards and offer apps for iVocabulary on Listly’s (mine is the Scrabble board above and hers the game board below), I truly love what happens to an idea shared.

I really feel like Melanie polished the iVocabulary idea and added elements to hers that met the needs of her learners:

  • First, hers is a game board so learners will follow the resources in a sequential progression
  • Second, she created her own Listly’s and narrowed down the app choices that were originally presented
  • Third, she added Padlet at the first turn so learners could collaboratively brainstorm their integration ideas and have them archived for later reference
  • Fourth, she added a more formal exit ticket in the form of a Google Form for learners to share a more specific integration idea
Melanie Burford's Google Form

Melanie Burford’s Google Form

One of my favorite examples was a Frayer model found on the web and completed in Explain Everything and a charming Videolicious of a student explaining the meaning of “frantically” and using it in context. Though the “Dont’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” ala Puppet Pals is a close third.

And truly… back to my not so subtle discussion about sharing online… I think  Melanie sums it up:

“I need to thank Lisa Johnson from Eanes ISD for many of the ideas in this presentation. I’m so glad she shares and publishes her work online for all to see.” – Melanie Burford

Right back atcha Melanie – thank you for sharing your recipes – I am sure they will inspire others to concoct their own.

iVocabulary image

iVocabulary image 

Melanie cited my work in her own presentation. Many times I choose a Creative Commons license for my work. If you plan on publishing online, consider using this resource. My advice would be to choose to allow modification of your work (as long as others share alike) but to restrict commercial use of your work (so others can not profit from work you freely distribute online). If you base your creations on someone else’s, another way to provide credit to the original is to include a Source work URL:

Creative Commons

Check out the rest of Melanie’s app-tastic Thinglinks HERE.

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