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Designing Thinking Around Thinglink

It is no secret that the TechChef is a #fangirl of Thinglink and an avid proponent of creating media for teachers and students that meets instructional needs in a whimsical way. Polishing my presentation resources for my session at iPad Summit Boston and waiting to power up my Mac on the flight, I happed upon an article in the Southwest Airlines magazine that really spoke to me…“Because I said I would”. The notion is about keeping promises but one quote in particular really stood out to me…”

"Because I said I would" image create with Canva web tool

“Because I said I would” image create with Canva web tool

Thus, my “Designing Thinking with Thinglink” mini workshop session is truly designed to do just that…influence others to knead differentiated instruction, visible thinking, whimsy, engagement, formative assessment, enrichment, and app synergy into their instructional resources and classrooms. And what better way to do that…then model it. The Thinglink resource below was created with a Canva image and then thinglinked with additional resources. (The numbered nubbins are an ability available with Thinglink Premium edition).

And on the note of influencing others, TechChef is in the polishing process of a ready-made editable PD toolkit to use with your teachers to deliver a similar PD. Sign up HERE to receive immediate notification when this resource becomes available.

Editable PD Toolkit Coming Soon

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