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Thoughtful Instruction by Design

I might need a 12 step program to overcome my Thinglink addiction at some point. A few days ago I posted a lengthy blog entry detailing and showcasing educator examples for how Thinglink can be used in an instructional setting:

TechChef even uses Thinglink to showcase iJewelry in a visual manner and detail the back story of chic geek fashionistas.

As I was scouring the web for additional edu examples to, I happed upon two from two of my favorite Thinglinkers – Cathy Yenca and Rafranz Davis.

By Teachers for Students: Cathy (better know online as Mathy Cathy) designs her images in Keynote and then thinglinks them. I have always loved her design aesthetic but especially enjoyed her most recent creation. Not only are they informative and meet multiple learning styles – she has now started linking them to iPad Friendly tools such as Desmos so students can be taken to a interactive graph to explore and interact in a seamless fashion – rather than sitting idly in the passenger seat. (If you are interested in designing these types of resources for your students – explore the 40+ iPad Friendly interactive sites.)

By Teachers for Teachers: Rafranz Davis uses Canva to create her images and then Thinglinks them as a guide for professional development. Her exceptionally detailed Chromebook 101 Thinglink is probably one of my favorites. When asked why she prefers the Canva tool to create the foundation for her Thinglink, she messaged (yes we were having this convo via Twitter DM):

“I like to use Canva’s built in layouts as much as possible because they are timesavers for people like me who over-stress. I can think less about how I lay out the image and more about what I put into it.” – Rafranz Davis

What’s even better is that teachers and students ultimately benefit from the intuitive design of the shared resources:

“My teachers love it because I can embed multiple resources in one image versus several postings. They’ve even started using thinglink in their classrooms which is a huge win!” – Rafranz Davis

But truly these blog entries are not fundamentally about the tool itself – at the heart, they are about thoughtfully designing interactive study guides for students to graph inequalities and for teachers to get a handle on the Chromebook.

What instruction will you design today? And don’t forget… Thinglink is offering FREE Premium access and upgraded features to teachers that sign up before the end of December!

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