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Marvelous Monday: A Motley of App Challenges 4 All

So what could be better than Freebie Friday and 50+ editable graphic organizers and templates for the iPad… a Collection of App Challenges, Task Cards, and PD for All?

Flashback to May of 2011… I started creating task cards for teachers utilizing creation-based apps and higher order thinking skills (pre Hot Apps 4 HOTS iBook):


HOT Apps Task Cards: Below are links to all of the originals:

App Task Cards: Flash forward to the summer of 2013 when TechChef gathered 100+ App-tivities task cards – these are actually perfect for modifying for students and utilizing them in stations.

App Integration Snapshots: Mosey on over to the fall of 2013 when the Eanes iVengers (my fellow Ed Tech crew) decided to start creating App Integration Snapshots for the staff (not necessarily task card or challenge cards BUT quick snapshots about what the app is and ideas for integrating the app in the classroom).


App Task Challenges: While these App Integration Snapshots are great to send out to teachers to give them a general overview of the app (especially if they have familiarity with the iPad), the idea of App Task Challenges are terrific for teachers that need step-by-step directions or a specific challenge to complete. A big thanks to Craig Badura (also creator of the “Digital Citizenship Survival Kit”) for creating these and Tony Vincent for sharing these.


iChallenges via SMORE: And one more for good measure…last week I delivered a workshop to Sanger ISD focusing on collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. I wanted to provide tools that could easily be adapted and integrated in the classroom and decided to build choice and allow for individual pacing. (Scroll down for each of the app tasks.)


Thank you all for your readership and loyalty to TechChef4u in 2013. Looking forward to an app-tastic 2014!


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