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Totally Terrific Thought Leadership Thursday

Sometimes you fall really deep down the rabbit hole… this was my fate today. I was searching for some SAMR resources, happed upon a Digital Viking, and then landed on Failing Superman.


Failing Superman Video by Marc-André Lalande (Image created with Pinwords)

Failing Superman Video by Marc-André Lalande (Image created with Pinwords)


The 13 minute video by Marc-André Lalande (@malalande) is delightful and thought provoking and raises timely and tough questions such as:

  • “What is it that everyone should learn in school to be adequately prepared for the future?”
  • “Why learn the same thing at the same time using the same tools?”
  • “What if there is no formula or perfect curriculum?”
  • “When in your adult life do you learn something just in case you need it 5 or 10 years in to the future?”

I won’t go and spoil it for you but did want to provide you with enough of an enticing hook to add Marc (@malalande) and his enchanting thought-provoking videos to your PLN.

I caught up with Marc on Twitter (@malalande) and asked him to provide a little more background about his videos:

“I create the Pedagogical Quickies videos to give educators some new ideas and solutions that, I hope, can help in tackling key issues in education and technology integration. Some of the videos are created to explain new concepts and dispel myths and some simply to share my take on various pedagogical or didactic theories.” – Marc-André Lalande

Though his videos are fun to watch, truly Marc and his graphics team do a most excellent job of asking the tough questions that need to be addressed as well.

Marc’s Other Titles: If you like this video, do check out some of his other titles:

Flipped Consultant: Marc also contributes to another YouTube channel where he helps “lead teachers and pedagogical consultants rom the province of Quebec (Canada) to record and illustrate their best nuggets of advice for educators.”

This video channel can be found HERE. Two of my favorites from this channel are:

And now I will leave you with one of my favorites of Marc’s parting totally terrific thoughts:

Image created by Lisa Johnson @TechChef4u using Canva

Image created by Lisa Johnson @TechChef4u using Canva

Truly teachers will not be replaced by technology – they are needed even more to cultivate and mentor authentic, transformative learning experiences.

Thank you all for your readership and loyalty to TechChef4u in 2013. Looking forward to an app-tastic 2014!


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