Shakespeare: Blending the Bard with 21st Century Technology

I have always fancied the work of Shakespeare and what better way to make it come to life than with app-propriate technology integration… on Valentine’s Day.

In preparation for S.A.S.S.Y. SAMR, I happed upon a SAMR Shakespeare Quizlet deck.

SAMR Shakespeare Quizlet

SAMR Shakespeare Quizlet

While I like the idea and alliteration of SAMR Shakespeare, I think the Redefinition level could be pushed a little to integrate more collaboration with experts or publishing of fan fiction. I think this article about Shakespeare and Skype. For a final project, the student:

“interviewed several generations of a family in Argentina, then created an e-book version of “Taming of the Shrew” set in the Carnival of Argentina. – Skyping Shakespeare Emory College

Truly such an authentic experience was transformative:

“I feel like I’ve learned how to make international connections and I feel spurred on to read more Shakespeare plays,” – Skyping Shakespeare Emory College

Lawrence Reiff (@Mrreif), Google Certified Teacher and fellow Apple Distinguished Educator, is an English Language Arts teacher at Roslyn High School in Roslyn, New York. I caught his presentation at iPad Summit in Boston and app-solutely loved it. I was granted a follow-up conversation with him at an Apple event where he shared additional student projects. The technology in his classroom affords his students the ability to go beyond enhancement (simply reading classic literature such as The Odyssey, Romeo & Juliet or Beowulf) and extend to transformation as students can create film scenes and animations, generate graphic novels, and employ social networking – all on the same device:

“Most importantly, the iPad allows his students to make connections between classic literature and their modern lives. For example, if Romeo and Juliet were alive today, they would certainly have Facebook profiles. What would they look like? Who would be on Romeo’s friends list?  What bands would Juliet like?  Students then use the iPad to create profiles for the main characters. As they read the play, they update the profiles. When students see how quickly Romeo’s relationship status changes, they understand him better as a character.” – Lawrence Reiff

So how can you build these connections to the Bard using 21st century technologies as a bridge! Well…for that I have compiled a Smore which includes:

  • Tools to Explore Shakespeare
  • Ideas / Tools for Consuming and Producing Shakespeare
  • Augmented Reading Experiences
  • Clever Spins to Inspire
  • Anatomy of a Scene Infographics
  • And Multiple Student Projects (many of which are from Reiff’s class)

How will you Remix and Redefine Shakespeare?


If you would like to check out other sessions and workshops that Lisa Johnson presented last week at TCEA 2014, peruse all session materials HERE:

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  • iPad Academy: Instant PD with iTunes U

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TIC Technology Integration Conference

TIC Technology Integration Conference

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