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Magnificent Monday: A Motley of Social Posters for Lifelong Learners

Let the alliteration parade saunter on… As SXSW EDU is upon us, I will keep this post relatively brief.

Ed Tech Collection of Smores: Tracy Clark (tracyclark08) is one of my favorite people. Both of us have vested interest in appropriate technology integration to transform instruction. In keeping with the alliteration theme, I am showcasing Tracy’s Motley of Smores on Monday 😉

Over 20 fliers ranging from Visible Thinking and Formative Assessment to Make and Do for the iPad Crew, Tracy creates and curates relevant topics and resources using the web tool Smore***.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 7.42.41 AM

TechChef4u Faves in the Assorted collection:

Tracy shares why Smore is her go-to tool for professional development takeaways:

“Smore helps me create training sessions and presentations that involve my participants. Instead of a static, one sided presentation I can pull folks into the learning experience.” – Tracy Clark

Tracy also highlights how easy the tool is to use and design something aesthetically pleasing as well as a resource that offers interactivity:

“I might use a core thinking routine and then invite participants to share their thinking via Padlet or create a Thinglink. I love how easy it is to make something with a nice design presenence.” – Tracy Clark

Social Learning Posters: Clear and Thoughtful Content and Curation is King. And Making that Content Visible and Accessible to the greater global edusphere is what allows us all to learn and thrive. So, let’s not forget to make our learning social! A big thanks to one of my other favorite people, Rafranz Davis (@RafranzDavis), for assembling this stellar Haiku Deck.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app

Rafranz shares insight as to the power of social posters here:

“We are only as great as what we learn and that is amplified by what and how we share. Smore, by nature, is social, sleek, and perfect in its way of allowing us to contribute to the social learning space thus strengthening our collective ability to grow.” – Rafranz Davis


Rabbit Hole of Smores: I fell down the rabbit hole, y’all. In curating a few more Smores to explore and digest, I happed upon another exceptional user of Smore, Valerie Burton (@TweetsFromMsB).  She has amassed a collection of over 20 flyers on a wide variety of topics. Some of TechChef4u’s favorites are linked below:

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 9.54.02 AM


Smores 4 All: Truly Smore is a very open-ended tool that can be app-smashed and used by ed techs, admin, teachers, and students alike:

TechChef4u Collection of Smores: If you are not totally Smored out, stroll on down to the TechChef4u collection of Smores:

Alliteration Alliance: Check out the other topics in the Ed Tech alliteration portfolio:

*** At this point in time Smore has changed their structure to only allow 5 flyers with no renewals (rather than unlimited fliers with limited features) for FREE. They have broken down their options in to three tiers and added an edu option for $59 a year that allows for custom backgrounds, private fliers, reporting, and unlimited fliers. So this is a somewhat viable option for educators (and could even replace the need for a stand-alone website). Wondering if they will look at district license model as well.

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TIC Technology Integration Conference

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