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Thought Leadership Tuesday: Surviving the Digital Zombie Apocalypse

Well, I was going to entitle this post “My Boss is a Zombie” but clearly that title has been taken. Rather than causing a “War of the Worlds” panademic with this piece, I will tell you that Carl Hooker (@mrhooker) is safe and sound… at SXSWEDU.


 #BRAINZ – The Antidote Acronym: Today he offered a cure, an antidote if you will, for digital addiction in the clever form of an acronym.  Let me unpack it for you… BRAINZ. How will you move from Zombie to Zen?

Unpacking the #brainz acronym

Unpacking the #brainz acronym

#BRAINZ – Follow the Curation: I don’t want to take his digital thunder… so you will have to dissect the twitter hashtag #brainz to see all of his slides, links, and resources.

Follow #brainz for links and resources

Follow #brainz for links and resources

I did however take his acronym and unpack it a little further for those of you that are interested – I also chose to showcase a new feature available in the Quizlet Teacher edition (voice recording).

Tips for Managing Digital Distractions: As I am a firm believer in not just documenting sessions but adding value-added resources, I have compiled a list of 25+ articles that share a slew of tips and ideas to manage digital distraction. Some of my favorites are:

  • 6 Tips to Fight Distractions and Get Your Homework Done
  • 25 Tips to Deal with Digital Distractions
  • 7 Tips to Help You Focus in the Age of Distraction
  • Which of These Digital Distractions Affect You?
  • Ten Top Tips to Regain Real Control
  • 10 Unconventional Habits to Live Distraction – Less
  • Retrain the Brain: 3 Tips for Redirecting Office Distractions
  • Digital Distraction: 8 Ways to Turn Downtime Into Learning Time

The Listly is linked here and embedded below:

What Better Way to End this Post than with a Pic of a #Zelfie (courtesy Carolyn Foote)

What Better Way to End a this Digital Zombie Post than w/pic of #Zelfie    (courtesy @technolibrary)


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