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Multipurpose Monday: A Motley of iPad Bingo Cards

I stumbled upon an iPad Bingo Card a few weeks ago in a discussion thread. If there was one… I assumed there had to be more… After a few minutes of Google searches, I had collected 8 of these little gems!

21 Things 4 iPads: iPad Bingo

21 Things 4 iPads: iPad Bingo

iPad Bingo Cards for Professional Development: In an effort at brevity with this post, I have curated all 8 into a new Pinterest Board entitled iPad Bingo.

iPad Bingo on Pinterest

iPad Bingo on Pinterest

Extending the Tool: Truly this motley of gamification professional development tools are multi-purpose and can be adapted to a variety of instructional settings. Consider creating an iPad Bingo Chart for:

  • Different Tasks for one full-featured open-ended app (e.g. Padlet, Explain Everything, Keynote, Tackk)
  • A Differentiated Audience (create 3 levels of Bingo Cards based on the skill set of the room or one for each content area)
  • A Theme or Topic (create a Bingo Card for flipped learning, assessment, or critical thinking)

Creating the Cards: Bingo Cards can be created using a variety of tools. Allanah King used a Google Doc to create hers so it would be editable and even included a separate resource for those that needed additional support with each one of the tasks. Joshua Borzick went one step further and created an entire Google Site devoted to support their iPad Bingo professional development resource.

iPad Bingo Google Site by Joshua Borzick

iPad Bingo Google Site by Joshua Borzick

One of my favorite tools for creating quick set of cards is Bingo Baker. Check out the Snapguide embedded below for a quick step-by-step tutorial.

Check out How to Create & Play Bingo on Your iPad by Lisa Johnson on Snapguide.

Sharing is Caring: How will you use this tool to gamify and flip your professional development? TechChef4u wants to hear from you! Please share your iPad Bingo Spin Offs with us. Email – we would love to share your creations with the global eduphere!

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