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Worthwhile Wednesday: TechChef4u’s Epic PhotoMap PD Recap 2

The summer has proved to be quite eventful indeed. As  I am never one to hoard resources, insights, and learning… I sought to spend a few minutes this week encapsulating the last two weeks for you… in an Epic PhotoMap or two…


ETT Summit Chicago

During the end of July, I had the app-ortunity to both attend and present at ETT Summit Chicago on the Navy Pier.

  • Presented: I presented S.A.S.S.Y. SAMR and ePortfolios are AWE-Some.
  • Attended: I attended both a day long “Google Apps Integration & Advanced Workflow Scenarios for Middle School and High School” workshop with Greg Kuloweic as well as Richard Byrne’s session on “Discovery, Discussion, and Demonstration” and have included my notes and pertinent links within the PhotoMap below.


ETT Austin “The iPad Classroom”

The following week was spent delivering a 3-day iPad workshop to an amazing bunch of educators! As this is the first time I have used Google Sites to build a workshop page, you will need to bear with me 😉  Certainly viewing all of the workshop resources for a 3-Day intensive iPad workshop might be overwhelming… Taking that under consideration, I have diced up the entirety of the workshop resources into daily digestible bite-size morsels:

  • Day 1: We focused on Collection tools (e.g. Padlet, Notability, Google Drive, Google Forms, Batch Geo, and Evernote)
  • Day 2: We focused on Connection tools (e.g. Kahoot and Nearpod) and then moved on to Creation tools (e.g. Book Creator and Explain Everything)
  • Day 3: We focused on creating a take-away to Donate to our staff upon returning from the workshop and ways to continue learning through Curation and Connection tools like Pinterest and Twitter

All of the resources (including slide decks and directions) can be found on the ETT Austin Google Sites pages which are embedded within the Thinglink below.


More about TechChef’s Concocted Thinglinks:

Both Thinglinks were created using the PhotoMapo app using this process:

  • Design PhotoMapo on iOS device and save completed image to photo roll (If you would like to include more than one image in your PhotoMapo, then create a collage using an app like Pic Collage or InstaMag prior to this step.)
  • Email image to self (I prefer adding all of the links on the Thinglink via my computer rather than the iPad, but truly this process can be achieved on either device)
  • Launch Thinglink (site or app) and upload PhotoMapo image.
  • Begin creating targets or nubbins on the PhotoMapo image that will include either text or an image. (If you are using an assortment of links, sometimes it is faster to work off of a laptop… However, if you are adding iPad created-videos, it would be more prudent to use the Thinglink app).


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