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9 Must Read iPad Instructional Support Resources!

With Apple Under 13 and new parameters for enrollment of iPads within JAMF’s Casper system, this year of iPad deployment and support has been full of new learning app-ortunities and challenges. In fact, I feel as if I have been living and breathing and even sleeping iPads since the beginning of school. That being said, these experiences have fostered deeper learning about our initiative and continued ways to fine tune managing devices to sharpen their impact within the instructional setting. Reflecting upon the past two months, I found these experiences and resources could be easily divided into 3 different platters: Students, Parents, and Process.


  • Student iPad Orientation iTunes U Course: This course serves the purpose of providing all iPad set up and instructional materials in one place that is easily accessible and can be stored on their device for later reference.
  • Student iPad Apps for Secondary: As many students may not know what apps are provided to them or what these apps do (especially the ones that are similar in nature), this Thinglink provides a quick overview of some of the apps that are essential for workflow and productivity.



  • Social Media Awareness: A Letter for Parents: This is a fantastic post from Carl Hooker highlighting a letter that was sent to parents addressing social media and student’s digital footprints.
  • Digital Parenting 101 iTunes U Course: Carl has designed an excellent iTunes U course to serve and support parents as well.
  • Staying Sane in Cyberspace: This is a Listly that TechChef assembled highlighting multiple tools, parent/child technology agreements, and articles to aid parents in navigating conversations with their mobile natives.

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Certainly this list of resources is in no way comprehensive but I think it does a good job of highlighting both the reflections of the process as well as the instructional resources that have been designed to underpin the ever-evolving nature of iPad management and instructional support.

Of course, I could not forget my educators… I have one delicious new resource for y’all as well…


Recently, I delivered a webinar (which has been archived) focusing on “Back to School with iPads in the Classroom”. Both the webinar and slides are available HERE. The webinar touches on:

  • First Steps with iPads in both Elementary and Secondary
  • Critical Considerations to keep in mind
  • 8 Must Have Apps for Back to School with iPads

All 8 of the apps are evergreen in nature (can be used year round in a variety of different ways) and quite a few have had feature updates that will definitely leave you brimming with ideas and inspiration.



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