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11 Useful Tips for Managing iPads in the Classroom

I am starting to see the light… and somewhat emerging from the fog of iPad enrollment and technical logistics. After a full weekend of ACL (yes, the TechChef does find time to enjoy in the Austin music scene), I spent half a day with Randolph ISD sharing some timely tips for managing iPads in the classroom. As I am never one to hoard resources and I imagine that there our other teachers and districts that might benefit from some tried and true management techniques, I thought I would crank out a blog to share these with the greater edusphere.

“Before teachers can redefine their classroom with these devices, they have to consider transforming their classroom management practices to effectively meld instruction and pedagogy to align with a 1:1 environment.”

While many of these tips and best practices have been gleaned from my classroom observations over the past few years, a couple have been snatched up from various websites and internet searches as well. I could relay the tips in a lengthy post… but I felt a Haiku Deck might better do the trick. Truthfully, the Haiku Deck slides themselves are really just fanciful eye-catching garnish… the meat and potatoes of the tips are really found when you dig in to the public notes that I added to each slide. (Deck is linked here and will have to be opened in a browser to allow users to dive in to the meaty text within the slides.)

Managing iPads in the iClassroom – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

The 11 tips encompass classroom configurations and clear expectations as well as tips for attention cues and task guidelines and a variety of management suggestions for off-task behavior. Hoping these tips and resources prove useful and crossing my fingers that @sjunkins creates one of those amazing infographics of his with my management list. He did such an excellent job with Carl Hooker’s “21 Things Every 21st Century Teacher Should Do this Year” list (scroll to the bottom of Carl’s post to see). 😉 

iOS 8 copy2.001

And we have an infographic! Score! Thanks Sean Junkins – I feel muy app-reciated… even if I had to publicly coerce him to do so 😉 – Check out more of his infographics on his blog. One of my favorites is his Periodic Table of Apps


Graphic by Sean Junkins


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