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Half the Page is a Stage … in a WordPlay iBook

I have to say I don’t typically blog to blog… I blog because I am moved to share, reflect, or archive something I feel has merit and value in the edusphere (and I do not endorse products and apps lightly). The new development of WordPlay Shakespeare iBooks definitely jives with these ideals and made me “as merry as the day is long”. While I am a self-proclaimed Shakespeare buff, I have to say Shakespeare proves to be an arduous reading for many (see clip below).

One person, Alexander Parker (@afmparker) and The New Book Press (@thenewbookpress) seeks to make Shakespeare accessible to all. Truly Shakespeare was never meant to be read… it was meant to be acted.

Something Transformative This Way Comes

“The short and the long of it” is that the New Book Press has created a revolutionary new iBook (accessible on both the Mac and the iPad) that seeks to inform the language through the performance by providing Shakespeare’s text side by side with a custom production.

“But really… What the dickens is WordPlay Shakespeare, you say?”

“As good luck would have it”, Alexander Parker kindly spent some time with our Freshman and Senior teachers this week showcasing the WordPlay books as well as sharing some pedagogical nuggets for utilizing the books in the classroom with students.

Sadly my sketch notes skills are quite shabby and do not measure up to the likes of Brad Ovenell-Carter (@braddo) and Tracy Clark (@tracyclark08) or the annointed infographic genius of Sean Junkins (@sjunkins)… so I opted to recap this information by app-smashing the free InstaMag app and Thinglink app.

“Sweet are the many uses of Thinglink”

Though my affinity for thinglinks may seem like madness, please know there is whimsical method in it (Shakespeare Thinglink embedded below linked here). 😉

Beyond the pedagogical tips I have included some ideas for morphing student Shakespeare projects utilizing the iPad as well as a range of student samples from a variety of plays.

“Something transformative this way comes…”

I am super stoked to get this tool in the hands of students. Stay tuned for an updated post in spring when we begin to devour the text in the classroom setting.

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