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Cooking Up Augmented Storytelling

On the heels of my Austin Kleon “Who is Your Brain Crush?” post, I thought it only fitting to dive right in to share where I “stole” the layout idea for my TCEA 2015 workshop “Cooking Up Augmented Storytelling”. Truly the idea of Augmented Storytelling had been swirling around in my noggin for some time but the delivery of the information was still a little foggy until… I saw… Laura Moore’s “App Smashes and Flows: Choose Your Own iAdventure” bulb site and then it all became crystal clear…

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Ideas Worth Stealing…

Austin Kleon says it best when he addresses the idea that we all build off of other’s work. Sometimes we find topics and ideas that are worth stealing, scaffolding, and transforming. In this case, I didn’t replicate her topic of professional development… merely adjusted the layout and delivery system to make it my own.

Austin Kleon.001

Curate Innovation and Inspiration

I have to say I was so smitten with her layout in bulb that I created two Pinterest boards devoted to ideas worth stealing and developing further:

Many times we see a good idea but we aren’t ready to act on it. Curating these resources provides an online binder of inspiration when we need it most. (If you are interested on best practices for curation, check out “Curating and Creating with Care”.)

Revealing Cooking Up Augmented Storytelling

If you are looking for a light appetizer, this is not the bulb you are looking for (pardon my not-so-eloquent nod to Star Wars there). This bulb site is chocked full of a multi-tiered app-roach to professional development:

  • Apps Needed: is a page of apps that need to be pre-loaded prior to participants attending the session.
  • Pre-Assessment: this is a pre-needs assessment that addresses what attendees know and would like to know about virtual world and augmented reality apps. (I have fine-tuned this idea over the past 3-4 years and even wrote a thorough account of it in the Edutopia article linked here.)
  • Guided App-tivity: the guided app-tivity is exactly that… an activity that we do as a whole group to get everyone on the same page. Those that finish early are provided additional resources and challenges. (If you are interested in seeing another example of this, check out S.A.S.S.Y. SAMR 3.0).
  • Choice of Final App-tivity: the rest of the 3 hour workshop is devoted to independent projects and participant choice… not only the app-tivity but the apps that they choose. Their choice of entree is between Augmented Storytelling or Virtual Storytelling.
  • Additional Resources: It is always essential to provide additional resources in the form of social networks and even support resources. My intent was to add a plethora of resources on digital storytelling… but I had to get 8 hours of sleep at some point 😉

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 4.44.14 PM

Revealing the TechChef Choice Board

And because I have never known to go light on resources… I also created a comprehensive 6 page Digital Storytelling Choice Board companion to the bulb site which includes 2 Tic-Tac-Toe Choice boards with 16+ custom tasks and 50+ apps to connect with each task.

2 copy

Surprise and Shower Your Participants with Swag

There isn’t an educator I know that doesn’t like swag. I always make it a point to collect swag for participants especially in my longer workshops. This time I didn’t have to look to far. In fact Califone contacted me when they saw I was delivering a workshop on digital storytelling and offered to provide me with a collection of their new earbuds.


Treat Your Presenter with a Tweet

Many times I present and never know exactly how the material and delivery methods were received.


I have to say it is always such a treat to be praised with a tweet 😉

Many thanks to Betsy for this tweet…

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 4.01.01 PM

… and to the rest of you that tweeted your app-thusiasm and app-reciation for the workshop:


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