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iPad Project Menu

As I will be attending and present at TCEA this week, I wanted to leave my campus with a small learning nugget to support them in my absence. I began thinking about most of the questions that I receive that are instructional in nature. Many of them focus on what the best apps and tools are to meet the task. Other inquiries focus on workflow and best practices for publishing.

iPad Project Menu

So… the iPad Project Menu was born. I have to admit that it is somewhat derivative of Tony Vincent’s Show What You Know infographic. I simply tailored the menu to focus on tools and apps that were free (or already provided for FREE to our students via Casper and Self Service), changed up a few of the tasks, and added a second page that addressed many of the questions that I receive when I am planning with teachers. I figured that some of you might enjoy or be inspired by this assembly of resources so I made it available for FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 6.13.09 PM

The Chef is on Location

I am very much looking forward to cooking up my own recipe for learning at TCEA and will be on location there all week. If you too are geared up to #learnanywhere, then come check out one of my 5 sessions:

  • 2/2: Monday: 8-11: Cooking Up Augmented Storytelling
  • 2/3: Tuesday: 1-1:50: Curating and Creating with Care
  • 2/5: Thursday: 8-9: Activating the Device Neutral Classroom
  • 2/5: Thursday 9:15-10:15: WordPlay Shakespeare in the Classroom
  • 2/5: Thursday: 3:45-4:45: Lone Star Teachers Partner to Enhance Education


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