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25+ EDU Lesson Plans and Resources for Canva

So… I was minding my own business… drinking my triple grande iced vanilla latte… when Terri Eichholz (@terriechholz) tweeted me that Canva had 27 FREE EDU PDF Lessons… and everything after that is kind of a blur…

Canva Lessons mini

So naturally, I stopped everything and began perusing them. Now you know… if you give the TechChef4u something inspiring and useful… the next thing she is going to do with it… is…pin. While I loved all of the lessons, I found them easier to glean through if they were all on one page and sorted by image… so I created a board for Canva EDU Lesson Plans...

Canva Pinterest Lessons

What Can I Expect From These Canva EDU Lessons?

20If you peruse the board, you can find lessons for a variety of age groups and content areas. My favorites are the Facebook banners for Scientific Elements, Social Media Profiles for Historical Figures, Candy Math Ratios, Author’s Point of View, and a Wedding Invitation for a Chemical Reaction.

Each lesson includes a sample and a PDF lesson guide to support you! All of these lessons can also be found on Canva’s most excellent EDU site!

And they have a FREE 30 Tutorial Design School perfect for students and educators alike!

Canva Design School

What If I Need Ideas for Using Canva Beyond the Classroom?

If you are an Educational Technologist or Instructional Support staff and you need ideas for how to use Canva with your staff and teachers… here are some samples. Canva can be easily used to create a newsletter, poster, infographic, or social media post as well as to curate resources for teachers or professional development.

Need More Inspiration… check out Canva’s 40+ Pinterest boards!

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Where Will TechChef Be Next?

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