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Tangible Technology Tips from and for TCEA 2015

So, I have to say that I try to make it a point to always curate and reflect on my learning from an event… and to cultivate a resource that I can return to and share. To manage this learning experience… I found App-Smashing Canva and Thinglink to be just the ticket. As I get just as much interest in to my process and workflow as I do on the content that I share… I thought I would let you take a sneak peek at my home grown PD Recap Recipe.

How Did You Create this EPIC PD Recap?

  • Choose a Functional Base ImageI always like to start with an image that I can build off of. Fortunately, TCEA’s Flickr feed had just the right pic to start as a base…
  • Add Filter and Flare to Your Image: I loved the dimension to this pic so I used the “TinType 3” filter in the Be Funky Web app to add a bit of grit. (Note: Canva also has built-in image filters but not quite like this one.)
  • Build Your Graphic: Once my base image was ready, I uploaded it to Canva and added pretty much everything else you see in the image below. (Note: A few of the icon graphics I paid for via the Noun Project as I use them fairly regularly and Canva did not have a comparable icon in their gallery.)
  • Add Interactivity to Your Graphic: Once the base graphic is complete, I upload it to Thinglink.. and all the interactivity you see below…and HERE.

WOW! What is Hidden in This Epic PD RECAP?

Well… I am so glad that you asked… I divided this recap into 3 distinct sections:

  • Sessions I Attended FROM TCEA: Sessions I attended are all labeled and linked on the left.
  • Sessions I Presented FOR TCEA: Sessions I presented are all labeled and linked on the right.
  • Miscellaneous Nuggets: Additional learning nuggets that didn’t fit in to either category (but were worth including) got linked on around the table and chairs (also a great reason to select an image with depth and dimension to guide the viewer through each section).

Hope you enjoy not only the process of designing this professional development recap… but the take-aways and educational snippets embedded and archived within 😉

But Wait! I Have A Few More Questions…Before You Cap this Post!

Sure… fire away:

One More SoapBox Pitch…

I am not saying that every piece of information that you curate and send to teachers or share with your staff has to go through this process… BUT what I am saying… is that everyone is busy and their time is valuable. As hokey as it may seem, an email without a graphic or image, boasting large bodies of text, and no bullets or means of chunking content will most likely be overlooked or neglected. However, when you spend time to make content look appealing, easily navigable, and brief… people seem to respond and be reached…

Stay tuned for my SXSWEDU Epic PD Recap… 😉


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