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13+ Tips & Resources for Busy Counselors

I know my most recent post “7+ Benefits of the Apple Watch 4 U to Ponder” might have been a little revealing… In fact, I plainly stated that I am directionally challenged, up to my eyeballs in emails, love to take selfies, suffer from an acute case of Evernote Junkie-itis, and frequently misplace my iPhone… so I really felt it was time for some group therapy…. or perhaps counseling…

Admittedly, that was a poor segue but I do hope it at least brought a smile to your face or screen 😉

So… a few weeks ago, the HS counselors had requested for me to show them Canva and some other tools that could be beneficial within their arena… I walked them through Canva and then asked about additional needs they had. One topic and interest led to a tool and then another… and before I knew it I had a Listly of 13+ Tips and Tools

13+ Tips and Tools for Busy Counselors

Would These Tools Be Useful to Other Fields?

Honestly, these tools focus on design and communication so they could be easily adapted and shared with an admin team, health professionals, curriculum specialists, etc…

Gratitude Means Sending Someone a Stock Photo…

For those that were not amused with my not-so-subtle reference to Love Story, I will just move right on… Are stock photos the new selfies? In one of my recent posts featuring Guy Kawasaki, I shared a series of stock photos that he staged with famous CEO’s and even one with me #humblebrag (yes, that one deserved a # in the middle of a blog). I mentioned the stock photo idea as a clever design to use on blogs, websites, newsletters, and emails… and received the most amazing stock photo from our very own WHS counselors... which they eventually included as the launching point for the home page. #awesomesauce

WHS Counseling


Go Forth and Rock These Tools!

Many jobs and professions are centered around effective communication, building relationships, curating resources, and supporting staff and what better way to do that than with these tools for your trade… and your day… And if you end up using any of these (or already do) – please leave comments, suggestions and ideas within the comment box below. The TechChef always likes to share and receive a new recipe for learning…


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