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7+ Benefits of the Apple Watch 4 U to Ponder…

So, let’s just get this all out of the way… Yes, I am an Apple Fan Girl. Yes, my super amazing hubby got up at 2am to place our Apple Watch order. And Yes… I am doing my due diligence to now craft a blog about my initial experiences and findings…

“While I am an Apple Fan Girl… I am also a realist. I know that this watch is a first generation model and that much more functionality will be added to it in the future so purchasing a base model with the intent to upgrade in a year or two made the most sense for me.” – Lisa Johnson

And thanks to a random conversation at Trattoria Lisina last night… I learned about the Click Kickstarter which essentially allows you to “jailbreak” the Apple Watch band and use any 22mm watch band with the new model…

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 8.22.51 AM

And/Or you can purchase or design your own bands using Casetify (or check out some existing designs here).

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 2.30.27 PM


Tell me TechChef… What features do you feel are currently meaningful?

iWatch Benefits

In the few days I have had to play, I will tell you that there are several features I have definitely found very valuable in this new accessory.

Haptic Directional Feedback

This one may be the best. We are hands-free in Texas as many states are. I have always been directionally challenged so the Map app on my iPhone is a must. Even though it provides audio and visual navigation, I find it difficult sometimes to not pick it up or to see it as it is not built in to the dash like a factory installed navigational system would be.

  • Benefit of Watch: If you route a destination with your iPhone, your watch automatically picks up that information and sends you haptic feedback right before a turn. Essentially it vibrates on your wrist. This is far less distracting (and safer) then picking up the phone and far more effective and desirable to my process of arriving at my desired destination.

Quick Text Responses

While I am a bit of a social geek, I will say that I have a difficulty with keeping up with the myriad of communications I receive.

  • Benefit of Watch: The ability to quickly respond to texts with default responses (e.g. Yes, No, Absolutely, Talk Later…) as well as emoticons and audio directly from my wrist is really beneficial.

Remote Control of Camera App

Um… did you know that you can use your Apple Watch to remotely control the camera app on your iPhone?

  • Benefit of Watch: I kind of love this! It makes selfies and timed photos so easy!

Everything Evernote

I am a total Evernote Junkie so this was a most epic feature! After I got my watch, I immediately started perusing the apps available for it. And wouldn’t you know it… there is an Evernote app. Score!

  • Benefit of Watch: Now I have access to all of my notes and can even use the audio feature on the watch to dictate notes as well. This is a huge win! (More on the Evernote Watch app)

Quick Access to Music

For those of you that set your iPhone on a speaker and use it for office ambience or classroom music, the built-in music control for iTunes is slick.

  • Benefit of Watch: The ability to instantly change songs from your wrist (even though your device is docked on a speaker across the room) is really quite nice. I can also see great benefit in this if you are in a classroom that uses music to transition from or to an activity.

Control of Keynote Presentations

I love me some Keynote! Most of my presentations and professional development is run through this tool.

  • Benefit of Watch: The app allows you to control slide presentations on your iPhone directly from your wrist. Beam me up! 😉

Activity Monitoring and Feedback

When I am not in classrooms or delivering professional development, I am seated at my computer cooking up resources, connecting with my PLN, and answering emails. I have to say that I often sit for hours forgetting to stand or even take a bio break.

  • Benefit of Watch: The activity app on the watch not only tells me when to take a break but tracks calories burned, exercise, and standing.

Truly Trello

I have a feeling I will be adding to this post. I just saw in the #AppleWatch feed that Trello also has an app. Talk about getting organized and task management. This is huge and oh so helpful.

  • Benefit of Watch: By accessing Trello on your phone, it is easy to get organized. I currently have boards on on house projects, school projects, and even blogging topics. This could definitely be really helpful for students and teachers especially if students use this tool for project deadlines. (More on the Trello Watch app)

Quick Glances at Mail and Calendar

Quick access to mail and calendar has also been really beneficial. I am still working on finessing my calendar app to thread all of my google accounts together. I am pretty sure this is user error on my part.

  • Benefit of Watch: I do love the quick glance of the calendar on the wrist. I schedule all of my meetings, co-teaching, and appointments through Google Calendar so it is really nice to retrieve that info quickly at the beginning of the day… and throughout the day.

Pinging Your iPhone

I know now I may be revealing too much… but after I had my two boys… that “pregnancy brain” never really went away. In fact I frequently misplace my keys and iPhone on a most regular basis.

  • Benefit of Watch: Clearly the benefit of the watch is that is attached to my wrist (much harder to lost wearable technology). So… not only will it be difficult to lose the watch… BUT the watch actually pings my iPhone with a sound so I can locate it (when… not if) I misplace it.

So for those of you intrigued or on the fence… I hope my recap and insight has helped you evaluate this new wearable technology innovation and make an informed purchasing decision.

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Apple Watch Impressions

For those of you that received your Apple Watch… I would love to hear your initial thoughts too. Please leave them in the Comments section of this post!

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