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The Complete EDU Guide to the Apple Watch

In my last post, I exposed “7 Benefits of the Apple Watch 4 U to Ponder”. One week later, I thought I would highlight 4 Unexpected Benefits and 10 Questions to Ponder…

Before I dive right in to the EDU portion of this post, I thought I would share some additional insight and benefits associated with the wearable technology.

Let it be known that I receive no kickbacks of any sort blogging about the Apple Watch and that I share my reflections freely and solely to provide the edusphere with insight into the product and the possible impact it may have in education… Let it also be known that I enjoy staging my own product shots with my collection of LEGO Minifigures (see the full collection here in this Flickr album).

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4 Unexpected Benefits of the Apple Watch…

I have to admit I originally bought the Apple Watch due to my desire to be an early adopter and explorer… BUT I soon realized that my tech accessory was ticking with unexpected benefits…

  • Longer Life of iPhone Battery: While there have been multiple posts about an increased drain on the iPhone battery, I have experienced an inverse trend. I use the Apple Watch when I need to and have far less of a need to use my iPhone (which is great… as I recently dropped it like an irresponsible teenager and the model I have also has a battery defect).
  • Less Distraction: I really thought more devices = more distraction BUT I actually found this to be quite the opposite. The Apple Watch provides quick pings and alerts so I feel connected but not distracted. I know that may sound strange but I liken it to the idea of having a work computer and a play computer. If you have two devices each devoted to a different focus than you tend to be less distracted when using that device for that purpose. I can tell you that my iPhone was super distracting. I would get a Twitter ping and then next thing I know it I would be checking my email and pinning.
  • Less Loss and Damage: As I mentioned above, I recently dropped my phone and cracked it. I can also tell you that I have misplaced it several times. As a female, I don’t typically have pockets and I don’t like carrying a purse so my iPhone is most likely in my hand or sitting on a flat surface close to me. The beauty of the watch is that it is an accessory that is attached to my wrist so the likelihood of loss or damage is greatly lessened and I am truly hands-free.
  • Fewer Missed Calls: We did away with a land line a few years ago so we really do rely on our cell phones. When I get home, I typically charge it in the kitchen or the bedroom and find myself sprinting to answer a call across the house. The ability to quickly answer calls right on my wrist saves me the occasional bashed knee cap.

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But you mentioned EDU questions to ponder, TechChef… you have me intrigued…

10 Apple Watch EDU Questions to Ponder…

With this new addition to wearable technology, comes a few intriguing questions.

  1. How Will Existing Apps Be Redesigned for the Smaller Screen? (See Article Here)
  2. How Will The Gaming Industry Design Apps for the Apple Watch? (See Article Here)
  3. Will The Length of Articles Evolve With the Smaller Screen Size? (See Article Here)
  4. What Should and Could You Do with an Apple Watch? (See Article Here: Not Appropriate for EDU but good read as it poses the question of which device is best suited for certain tasks. This Article highlights what you can do with the Apple Watch without your iPhone.)
  5. How Will the Apple Watch Be Implemented in Educational Settings? (See Article Here)
  6. What Factors Will Decide if the Apple Watch Will Triumph Google Glass? (See Article Here)
  7. What Kind Of Impact could the Apple Watch Have on People’s Health? (See Article Here)
  8. What Kind of Impact will the Apple Watch Have on Safety? (See Article Here)
  9. What Accessories Will be Designed to Support the Apple Watch? (See These Examples… Battery Straps, Unified Charging Docks, Customized Bands, Charging Dock Cases, etc…)
  10. How Will Apple Watch and Other Wearable Technologies Impact Marketing? (See Article Here)
  11. Bonus: How Kind of Impact Does Wearable Technology Have on Security? (See Article Here)

“Many students take part in maker labs, hours of code, and even write persuasive papers – these topics are very timely and interesting and if anyone can solve them or provide creative solutions for them… it is our mobile natives… the youth of today. “- Lisa Johnson

10 Apple Watch Questions

What Other Apple Watch EDU Goodies Do You Have For Us Today?

You know me oh too well… I do have a few goodies. With my slight obsession for the Apple Watch, I have happed upon a few wicked good resources. All of them are curated on my new “Apple Watch” Pinterest board

  • Clever Apple Watch Journaling: The clever Venspired on Instagram has been journaling her experiences with her new Apple Watch. I love that she recently mentioned the benefits of receiving notifications on her wrist during the movies. (The idea of advertorials and different types of writing and audiences is way to expand and strengthen our student’s writing portfolio. Journaling your experiences with a new device or even pedagogical method is such wonderful reflective learning process that obviously could be expanded to other topics beyond the Apple Watch.)

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.11.45 PM

Lego Watch 68

Apple Watch Dock

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.03.45 PM

  • Creative Musings: Many times we use setting to differentiate creative writing. For example, we take a Shakespeare play and set it in modern day New York. Consider a creative writing project that asks the question… “What If Shakespeare, Napoleon, or Lincoln Had an Apple Watch?” This idea of historical fiction infuses creative writing and critical thinking in an engaging way. Carl Hooker has a fantastic example of what this could look like in his post, “How Modern Technology Could Have Changed these Classic Movies”.

O Cursed Spite

Where Can I Learn More?

If you are a trend seeker or just interested in digging in deeper in to the impact wearable technology will have on education, you can follow my new “Apple Watch” Pinterest board that also includes user tips, research, and even more on accessibility. If you are a Twitter junkie like myself… then you can follow the #AppleWatch, #iWatch, #Wearables, #WearableTech, and #WearableTechnology

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