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I often ask myself this same question. While I do work most of June, July and much of August is spent with my two boys, age 6 and 8. If you have boys, then you know that you have to keep them busy and many times plan activities and games in advance. So thinking forward to this summer… I have started curating and preparing a few resources to support those of you that are home with your little darlings too…

1000 Summer Activities

What Can We Do with the iPad?

Many of us have iPads and rather than letting brain drain set in with Angry Birds Transformers, I have compiled a few resources to support you. Don’t get me wrong… I don’t think you have to practice sight words and multiplication tables all summer long either… but choosing times to create something with your child or expose them to critical thinking and coding apps in a 1:1 relaxed setting goes a long way to making the summer a cool experience for both of you:

Common Sense Media Summer Learning Apps

Now this section truly deserves its own bulleted list because it is out of this world. Augmented Reality is such a delightful and intriguing past time… here are some Augmented Reality resources to try at home:

Augmented Reality Books, Puzzles, and Toys

What Can We Do without the iPad?

I have said it before and I will say it again… not everything has to be done on the iPad… so… I have curated 500+ Educational Crafts and Experiments for you…

500+ Educational Crafts on Pinterest

I also happed on this board of 1,500 Science Activities for Kids that is most epic indeed.

Graphic Novels for Learning: And if you like summer reading but you want to get a leg up on some of the more important themes and topics your students will encounter… I have curated 100+ Graphic Novels for Learning, which are essentially graphic novel versions of books they will most likely read in school.

What Can I Do to Destress?

I don’t know about you… but planning all of these activities and bouncing around all day with my boys can be quite exhausting… so sometimes I need to destress. A popular trend for this is coloring therapy. Now I don’t mean grab the nearest Elmo or Frozen Coloring Book or grab a table at Macaroni Grill… I mean Adult Coloring books. I am a little obsessed with these as you can well see. I have even curated 80+ examples so you don’t have to go hunt them down on Amazon. My favorites were the Cool Cats, Steampunk Designs, and Unicorns are Jerks. 😉 

Adult Coloring 2_BeFunky blog

Hope these resources help you cook up a recipe for learning and fun this summer. If you have found other resources in these categories, please include them in the comments section. The TechChef would love to hear from you!



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Cooking Up Keynote

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